Hello! My name is Charu Thomas

I'm an entrepreneur, researcher, and hacker. I'm the founder of Oculogx - we're building an AR platform for order picking in warehouses. I'm also a wearable computing researcher with Thad Starner, the inventor of Google Glass. I'm fascinated by a future where we can embed electronics into our daily lives.

I really appreciate all those those who support me through the journey. I won't let y'all down!

  • ACM ISWC 2018 Best Paper
  • Atlanta Startup Battle Winner
  • Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalist
  • Thiel Fellowship Finalist

I like building mixed reality apps, memory augmentation tools, and wearable computers.

These technologies can bring us to the next stage of human development.

In my free time, I enjoy drinking tea, biking, and watching anime (maybe not at the same time though).

Let's be friends!

I love sharing ideas over a warm cup of tea