Hello! My name is Charu Thomas

I'm an entrepreneur, researcher, and hacker. I'm the founder of Oculogx - we're building an AR platform for order picking in warehouses. I'm also a wearable computing researcher with Thad Starner, the inventor of Google Glass. I'm fascinated by a future where we can embed electronics into our daily lives.

I really appreciate all those those who support me through the journey. I won't let y'all down!

  • ACM ISWC 2018 Best Paper
  • Atlanta Startup Battle Winner
  • Collegiate Inventors Competition Finalist
  • Thiel Fellowship Finalist

I like building mixed reality apps, memory augmentation tools, and wearable computers.

These technologies can bring us to the next stage of human development.

In my free time, I enjoy drinking tea, biking, and watching anime (maybe not at the same time though).


I really enjoy

Hardware Prototyping

Nothing beats the satisfaction of your device finally working.

Software Development

Software is basically hardware- there's just less physics involved.

Scientific Research

The cool thing about science is that we don't really know anything.


Starting a company is hard, but that's what makes it so fun!

Wearable Computers

We can make our bodies smarter.

Augmented Reality

Nothing says screens have to be squares and rectangles, right?

My Work

Recent Work

Light-Seeking Robot

Robotics, Hardware, Mechnical Prototyping

100 49

Remembrance Agent

Memory Augmentation, Voice Interfaces

100 49


Hardware, Networking

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Let's be friends!

I love sharing ideas over a warm cup of tea